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AmandTech LLC Projects

Rite Aide to Walgreens Conversion

AmandTech LLC performed Rite Aide to Walgreens store conversion. This included Creating a dual network consisting of One hundred and forty-six structured cable runs. This allowed Rite Aide to continue operating without interruption and until the date of cut over to Walgreens.

Installation included replacing the analog CCTV with a Digital system. Converting CCTV layout to Walgreen specification, adding and moving cameras to the interior and exterior. Installing a new network rack, patch panel and adding new devices. Performed cut over worked with Walgreen and IBM through completion of process.


Performed Multi-Location Special Project to replace Zebra scanners replacement in self-check outs for Target Stores.

Walmart Disaster Recovery Cable Demolition and Network Infrastructure Reconstruction

AmandTech LLC performed disaster recovery on a Walmart Superstore after it was hit by a Tornado. Sixty percent of the network had to be decommissioned and reconstructed due to water and storm damage.

Our team worked alongside Walmart’s planning team and General Contractor; we set up temporary offices and work areas. As the construction team rebuilt a section, we replaced the network infrastructure, established network connectivity, and performed configurations on all replaced devices.

Walmart Vision Center Rollout 

Installed all workstations, monitor arms and monitors, and move add change for printers. Assisted with Identifying line drops for connectivity.


Performed new store installation for IT Sugar. Installed front cash wraps, POS systems, scales, monitors, printers, hand scanners, Credit card readers, back office, patch panel and network rack with Pepwave.

Giving Back to the Community


Service Area: Southeastern United States

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